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          Euro-me will attend C-Touch & Display 2023 with NEXENSOR and MSG

          Source : Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co., Ltd.    Time : 2023-10-10    Hits : 184

          As the distributor of Nexensor & MSG in China, Euro-me will attend C-Touch & Display 2023 which is located in Shenzhen International exhibition center (Baoan new center) from 11th-13th Oct. 2023.

          Our booth is Hall 8F10.

          At this exhibition, we will showcase the latest detection technology applied by Nexensor in the display screen industry:

          1. Freeform Surface 3D Measurement System nXF-3
          Using the principle of phase deflection, it is used to measure the surface morphology and defects of transparent/highly reflective products. The measurement only takes a few seconds, and the Z-direction accuracy can reach 1 micrometer.

          2. White light interference scanning sensor nXI-3S
          Measuring speed only takes 1 second, Z-direction resolution is 1.5nm, and can be integrated into the device for batch detection.

          3. Interferometric thickness/displacement sensor nXV-1
          Using near-infrared interferometry, a single probe can measure thickness/displacement, suitable for applications such as wafer thickness measurement.

          Launching products:
          Free form metrology                                          Scopy inteferometroy

          Thickness/Displacement sensor   


          In this exhibition, we will exhibit MSG autofocus system and the auto microscope integrated by our partner.

          MSG´s latest LAF5S series auto focusing sensor has unique laser and image focusing mode, which can adapt to more complex applications. The software visualization and configurable options of MSG are more abundant, which can achieve the best focusing effect in measurement and debugging.


          As one of the most influential events in smart touch and new display industry at home and abroad, the C-TOUCH & DISPLAY 2023 will attract nearly 1000 exhibitors and brands, and display innovative products and technical solutions to 40000 professional buyers from consumer electronics, automotive electronics, commercial display, smart home, smart medical, industrial control and other fields.

          If you are interested at Nexensor and MSG`s products and solutions, please contact:
          Martin@euro-me.com Tel:0755-83842035

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