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        2. About

          Founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, a vigorous, open-minded and most developed city in China (see Appendix Shenzhen at a Glance), Euro-me aims to introduce cutting edge industrial systems and parts from Europe and America into China. The long-term idea and enthusiasm for sustainable future of the company founders form the basis of the enterprise’s success. Today, we focus on distributing, promoting and marketing outstanding brands and products. The major industries we


          serve are industrial automation, automobile, renewable energy, microelectronic, smart phones, machine tool, aviation, metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical, ocean engineering, etc.

          Brand marketing and sustainable business management is a fixed element in Euro-me’s corporate strategy. The core elements of our strategy are:

          Brand building and marketing:
          Since establishment Euro-me has focused on distributing and marketing industrial products from Europe and America. Proudly we were the earliest distributor of the famous brands like ZF Industrial Drives, SICK AG, SEW-Eurodrive, etc. We made a great contribution for these well-known brands to entering China market. What we are distributing now are mainly as follows.
                 Schorch    Germany    high speed machines for test benches in automobile industry
                 IAG          Austria        exhausted gas emission test technology for automobile industry
                 Roland     Germany    automation systems, sensors and controllers for automobile industry
                 Cemp       Italy            ex-proof motors and pumps for petrochemical, printing and
          automobile coating    industries
                 Baublies   Germany    optimization of metal surfaces by roller burnishing and smoothing
                 HPM        Germany    minimum quantity spray systems for metal cutting process
                 MSG        Germany    auto focus & tracking sensors for electronic industry
                 Exair        USA            compressed air-operated systems



          Talented staff: Most of our 40 staff with science and engineering background used to work in large manufacturing factories. Some were trained in Europe or  

          America after joining Euro-me. Our sales staff are energetic,motivated and English speaking. Team leaders, working with Euro-me for more than 10 and some even nearly 30 years, have good cooperation spirit and experience.


          Nationwide presence: After almost 30 years solid development, Euro-me, headquartered in Shenzhen, set up sub-divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan, radiating the most advanced industrial areas in China. To strengthen our force we have developed a large number of project agents, industrial agents and regional agents loyal to the brands we distribute. With this nationwide sales network we built up we can react quickly and flexibly to meet our customer’s various requirements.



          Customer orientation: We take our customers as partners with whom we collaborate closely on development of sales and projects. Nationwide network and experienced staff enable us to offer onsite solutions, and provide consultative service to our customers wherever they are. By means of a variety of professional promotion, we give a hand to update China’s equipment manufacturing industry. We always endeavor to create significant added value for our customers.

          Catch06F0.jpg CatchCE3E.jpg

          Professional exhibitions: We take part in about 20 large-scale exhibitions or fairs of various themes each year on our own or jointly with the brand manufacturers. At exhibition we know how to make full use of any resources to demonstrate and promote the exhibited brand, develop the potential customers and partners.

          Lab: We have set up a lab of about 200 square meters for the purpose of product presentation, training, testing and aftersales service.

               Catch2618.jpg CatchD649.jpg

          Promotion with the times: In addition to the traditional methods we attach great attention to internet marketing and the popular social media marketing to enter into good and instant interactive relation with our customers and partners.


          A touchstone for China’s reform and opening-up policy since 1979 Shenzhen has grown from a tiny border town neighboring Hong Kong into a modern metropolis. Among China’s major cities Shenzhen’s GDP ranked No. 3 in 2022, and the total volume of imports and exports at the top, while total volume of exports ranked No. 1 in the past 30 years in succession. Shenzhen ranks first in China in terms of the number of Fortune 500 enterprises and the comprehensive urban competitiveness. With the most developed high-tech manufacturing industry in China Shenzhen has a symbol of “China-made”; with the China High Tech Stock Exchange Center, similar to the NASDAQ, and the biggest number of migrants Shenzhen is taken as “China’s New York”; with the leading internet technology in China Shenzhen is given the name “China’s Silicon Valley”. Some of the most outstanding enterprises of China like Huawei, Tencent, BYD, DJI, etc are headquartered in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen High Tech Fair, the biggest high tech fair in China, is held annually in Shenzhen. Fast growing, tolerant and innovative, Shenzhen is an ideal place for domestic and international enterprises to run businesses.

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